Thursday, November 14, 2019

Special Camp for UMID Registration for Railway Pensioners at HQ

Special Camp for UMID Registration 

for Pensioners 
on 15-11-2019, 22-11-2019, 29-11-2019 & 06-12-2019 

       Special Camp for UMID (Unique Medical Identity Card) registration for Pensioners will be organized on 15-11-2019, 22-11-2019, 29-11-2019 & 06-12-2019 at the office of General Manager(P), N F Railway, HQ, Maligaon, Guwahati-11.

         All the Pensioners who have not yet registered and initiated application on UMID portal are requested to attend the special camp for registration of their UMID application for generation of UMID Card. Users must carry their latest PPO and a valid Mobile number.

       Pensioners are who are able to register their own or with the help of others may register on their own from their respective  home place by visiting the website of UMID portal i.e. .

Checklist for submission of Application :-

       As a ready reckoner the following is the check list for mandatory fields and documents to be scanned in JPEG/JPG/PNG format for advanced preparedness to initiate the application in a full-fledged manner. 
  • Photograph of PENSIONER & all the dependents 
  • Signature of PENSIONER 
  • Old Medical ID card of PENSIONER or RELHS document issued at the time of cessation. 
  • ID proof of all individual dependents